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Happy 52nd Nameday ?

November 27, 2023 @ 03:11 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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Found a shot lane...

Found a shot lane...

Another season of ball hockey is winding down. We played in the semi-final game and had a strong game. Everyone got on the scoreboard and it was another great team win. Next week will certainly be a strong challenge. We will be playing the only team to beat us in the final. Afterward, a few of us enjoyed some camaraderie at St.Louis. We talked until close to 1.. Jez.

Revival bringing the rock

Revival bringing the rock

Once again my friend's band was playing at Castle John's in Newmarket. They are now called Revival. They had a bit of a shuffle of members. Out is the keyboard and um, trumpet player; In is a bassist/singer. So, clearly the band is now in a more traditional foursome. The new addition can play! I was told he is taking his Masters in Music. They play a variety of rock 'hits' from artists like Tom Petty, Steve Miller, Cheap Trick, Blue Rodeo, Tragically Hip etc.. I was at the show with Bill. We thought the band sounded noticeably better than their last performance at the same venue. Between sets we caught up JD and his wife. They are lovely people. It was a fun night. I do hope the very drunk girl in the red shoes made it home safely.

Relaxing at the Spa

Relaxing at the Spa

Yesterday was my birthday. Bdot and I went to Thermรซa Spa in Whitby. We have been to a few spas in the area. This was our first visit to this particular spa. In spite of its location - mid city - they have done a decent job at masking it for the spa vibe. I guess every place has their own check in process. I thought theirs was a bit sloppy, expecting you to scan a QR code off your phone, instead of just entering a name or reservation number. The locker system worked pretty well with scannable bracelets. The grounds are quite nice and there are many soaking and saunaing options. We also tried the kรคlla salt soak. We both really enjoyed it... Floating on water with your eyes closed is quite a trip. You eventually start losing track of time and it is really relaxing with the music and lighting. We also enjoyed a lovely (albeit fairly expensive) lunch. The staff was friendly and enhanced the experience. It was a great day with my better half.

The problem with most spas isn't the spa itself. It is the people who attend them. The selfish, ignorant people who think they can act however they want and ruin the environment around them. In spite of the fact that there are silence signs everywhere and the waiver clearly outlines proper spa etiquette, which includes NO phones in the spa area... Both rules were routinely broken. Nothing like soaking for half and hour, finally reaching a relaxed state only to be jolted awake by some dumbass. Thermรซa did a fairly poor job of enforcing proper behavior. So many vain women taking selfies. Unreal. Idiots. Seriously can't detach for a few hours?

Mmm coconut creme pie.

Sad to hear Killing Joke Guitarist Kevin โ€œGeordieโ€ Walker Passed Away at 64. I saw them many moon ago. A highly underrated guitarist.

Buffalo sports teams continue to bring me sadness. Sigh.


Ha, so I was expecting another Sabres' spanking at MSG with the Rangers tonight. But wow, great game from UPL and everyone in front of him put in a great effort for a win. Rags tendy even has a temper tantrum. Amazing.

Ha, the merriam webster word of the year is authentic.

Yes, yes, say what you want, but I'm watching Wrexham FC games now. So it kinda ruins the end of Season 2 as they have clearly been promoted. They are doing well in League Two.

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