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February 12, 2023 @ 10:02 pm πŸ”— Post Link

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Enterprise cast

Enterprise cast

I've finally reached the end of the 4th Season of Star Trek: Enterprise. Overall, I thought it was a good series. There were some dud episodes and a few unlikeable characters but the main characters and overall plot kept me coming back. The final episode was incredibly anti-climatic and felt rushed and insincere. Not sure which I'll watch next...Likely whatever is on Netflix. We were back to ball hockey yesterday. I played both games. The dreaded Yellow team had no subs so I helped them out. No subs suckkkkkkkkkks. Our game was quite an impressive team win. I think everyone got a point or two and we passed the ball around really well. It is sounding like I may miss the next game so... I'm glad I got some extra playing time in this week. What a crap day for my sports teams. Both the Sabres and THFC got wrecked. The Sabres' loss was embarrassing. They finally got a full barn and get humiliated on the ice. In some games they look brilliant and in some games they look like a tire fire. Today the smell of rubber will linger in the air for hours...I think there is some kind of important football game tomorrow? I haven't really cared since the Bills got booted out of the playoffs. Ahh, Netflix. You idiots had to get greedy. Whatever big bags of money you were getting weren't enough so you changed the account usage and Canadians are cancelling their accounts like crazy. Derrrrrrrrrrp! I'm not sure if we'll cancel completely, but at the very least I'm going to reduce the account. Member Since June 2014... Maybe we can get by with Prime? ![yup.](23netflix.jpg "23netflix?classes=caption") yup.