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Inside man

Well, I strongly disagree with the ratings of Inside Man at RT. I thought it was one of the best short series I've ever seen. The moral questions, the changing plot, the goofy characters and the brilliant, funny, writing. I can only believe the people sour on this series are also the same people who are no fun at parties. I hope there is more! ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ¼

You're alive! Excellent.

You're alive! Excellent.

It is always potentially an unpredictable mess when our Ubiquiti router decides to do an update. (I have now disabled the auto update..) I have good reason to freak out when it does. One update wiped out both of our BeaconHDs which led to WEEKS of back and forth with support until they finally RMAed them. So, yesterday when I noticed them blinking, my first thought, was of course they updated and bricked AGAIN! After checking the admin panel, yup, both Beacons were in the you-know-they-are-fscked status of isolated. If you see them as isolated then it usually means you are going to have a bad IT day. Fortunately, I've gone through the recovery process for them already so I tried everything I've learned prior to sending a strongly worded message to support. It sure looked like they were wrecked. Hard reset. Isolated. Factory reset. Isolated. Factory reset - right beside the router. Isolated. The system wouldn't even see the beacons at one point. There was an update for the FlexHD, the main WIFI device which connects to the beacons... after ALSO updating that, then doing a factory reset beside the router...(good grief) they finally began to be adopted by the system. I'm not sure if they changed the range that 'excellent' reception falls under but, according to the system, our coverage is excellent now. I think that is really TBD...

Off to Killaloe tomorrow...

This is the best idea for Mars I've heard. Avoid all the numerous issues of the surface by creating the initial colony underground!