Crowning the new King of CRPG!

September 5, 2023 @ 01:09 am πŸ”— Post Link

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Crowning the new King of CRPG! Crowning the new King of CRPG!

Well... I guess I've been so busy playing BG3, I didn't blog about it... It is a remarkable accomplishment. The playability, the story, the cutscense and voice acted dialogue, the class options, the amazing implementation of D&D 5E... the graphics, the spells, the many different settings... It is no wonder it is getting all the accolades it is getting. GOTY? Oh yes. GOTD possibly. I see why other game studios are whining about it, they might actually have to put in an honest effort and create a product worthy of paying for. For most studios, this has been a while. Sure I have some minor story quibbles, I think the ending is a bit weak and some of the battles can use balancing but considering how much fun and options you have in the BG3 world, it easily sets a new bar to strive for, not just fot CRPGs but for games in general. Well done Larian!

It is unholy hot so far this week.

I've been testing out the new Spotify DJ feature... wow, needs some work...really random... one minute it is clearly playing content from my library then playing genres i've never played at alll... er....skip, skip, seem to need a lot of help....

My sister is here tomorrow. Back in Ontario for the first time in years...Just two nights.

Back on the bike today. Good news, finished the ride but pretty slow... Ugh.