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Legal Drugs

September 6, 2023 @ 10:09 pm πŸ”— Post Link

Painkiller, Netflix, Grav CMS, Synology

Oxy Sackler family - The worst drug dealers in history. There is some legacy!

Well... I'm not sure that Grav CMS is going to be the solution. It absolutely crippled my web server and my synology. PHP actually ran out of memory... I've never seen that before. Sure I could bump it up in php.ini but clearly something is not running very efficiently. It could certainly be how I've structured my Grav blog files and I've asked up help in forum (zero replies- sigh)... So idunno. In light of all these different solutions NOT working... I'm simply going to try and code my own. The backend won't be anything flashy... but I'm hoping to cobble something together I can use. I've been using ChatGPT to code various functions I need... so I'm actually making some progress. Anyway... lots to do.

We finished the Netflix mini-series Painkiller tonight. Wow. Gripping and tragic to watch the evil power wielded by Big Pharma. As the wiki page says: The Sackler family have been described as the "most evil family in America" and "the worst drug dealers in history" ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Critical Not my photo but the same situation. Oh boy.

My Synology has been pretty solid for a long time. It has been remarkable reliable. Well,... last night something was wrong. I suddenly got a flood of (sadly) very ambiguous error notification - how does Server error #3 help me at all??! Anyway... I tried to logon and it took A VERY long time to process, then told me I tried the password to many times and blocked me. I owe you bastard! SSH failed. FTP failed. Quickconnect failed. The system was completely inaccessible. I couldn't even get into it to determine what was wrong. Every 3-5m I'd get another error notification. So I started googled and found a few good Synology docs. The doc suggested it was either a drive or motherboard failure. To determine you had to power down the system, remove ALL HDD and USB and reboot... Voila... the system came back and asked for the drives to be put back in. I did, and my storage pool was now in 'degraded' status. Incredibly there was no data loss. So I backed up all my data then started the storage pool repair. It has finished the repair and the Synology and drives are showing as healthy. Phew. Was pretty scary for a while there but I'm happy I managed to sort it out.