Ontario Duped by Dougie *eyeroll*

June 2, 2022 @ 08:06 pm 🔗 Post Link


Oh Ontario. *SMH*

Oh Ontario. *SMH*

Doug Ford, who hid in his basement to avoid any contentious questions from the media for the past two weeks, pulled the wool over Ontario’s gullible electorate. (Brilliant strategy for a dictator maybe, but it looks like shit in a democracy Dougie!!) So if you are poor, old, love the environment, need healthcare or want an education… good luck! Coz Dougie isn’t spending the money on Education or Healthcare! No! He is building a highway to fill his buddy’s wallets which all other party’s decried as a massive waste of money. I wonder how Ontarians could be so stupid to vote for this con-man.

He is a nice guy? He is relatable? Oh boy. Do some reading…

Interestingly, the Liberal and NDP votes combined beat the Cons.

Del Duca and Horwath both step down as party leaders.

And once again, less than half of eligible voters voted. (actually only 33%!) There are people dying and fighting for the right to vote and millions of people are too lazy to take 15-30m to vote. I voted in 5m on Election Day, I was in and out, no waiting….


“Innovative Research Group pollster Greg Lyle points out that keeping Ford away from the media and the public might have been the right call because the vast majority of people had a negative reaction to Ford whenever they saw him. Lyle says an astonishing 73 per cent of respondents viewed Ford less favourably every time they saw or heard something about him during the campaign. Twenty-seven per cent said those interactions made no difference to their view of him. Incredibly, zero per cent said they saw Ford in a more favourable light when they saw him on the hustings. Zero per cent.”