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Whoa. You have snow

January 20, 2016 @ 09:01 pm 🔗 Post Link

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! Finally some snow to play in…

Finally some snow to play in…

In order to find enough snow to do anything with we had to drive up to my Sister’s outside of Horseshoe Valley. It was my Brother-in-Law’s birthday so there was a planned meeting. It is pretty incredible how different the weather can be a mere hour north. Sure the Horseshoe Valley is a unique micro climate but there was a ton of snow there. Most of out lawn is green. Hmmpt. It was a relaxing afternoon full of cats and dogs. The highlight was getting out to snowshoe. It feels like it has been ages since we have snowshoes around home. The Copeland Forest area is remarkably beautiful. It reminds me of our local treasure Palgrave Forest. We all went snowshoeing including my Mom and Tanga. Tanga couldn’t be left at home because my sister’s cats would eat her. *eyeroll*

My sister’s cat inspecting dinner.

My sister’s cat inspecting dinner.

The aforementioned stalking cat. Bdot wouldn’t let me take it home. Mom stayed over night at our place. She is planning a massive month away in Mexico next month. I hope she has a safe and happy time.

Now running Android 4.4.4 x86 Android!

Now running Android 4.4.4 x86 Android!

I’ve been running Android on PC for a few days now. I’m pretty happy with it. It isn’t the most current Android release, but 4.4.4 is the only version of any Android distro I’ve been able to install. Everything I need I can get from Google Play. The Notification Tab is awesome for keeping up on social media. It streams audio/video… I can connect to my linux box via SSH… I’m pretty impressed. I never did get remixOS to work. All it seemed to do was ruin the Master Boot Records of the drives I tried to install it on. RemixOS is only Alpha. It did look good. Maybe I’ve revisit after 1.0. is released. Did Android just replace linux as my secondary OS? It certainly has more useful apps… Hmm….

Haha…. and the fridge is STILL not fixed. We have someone coming today with the part and a road crew outside just cut our hydro line… This fridge has a destiny to never be functional again. 😦