So many weeds.

June 16, 2014 @ 10:06 pm 🔗 Post Link

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One small step…

One small step…

For a weekend where I didn’t really go anywhere it sure felt busy. Saturday started with getting the car to the mechanic. The hood latch is continuing to fail so… I figured they had to look at it. Sure there is the safety latch but it freaks the sh*t out of me as it does still bounce around a bit. On my long commute it is just isn’t safe so… bdot and I have swapped cars temporarily. Both the AC and the hood I expect to be fixed on Wednesday. According to the mechanic the latch mechanism was completely destroyed so… Meh. I was hoping they could look at it quickly but they were swamped. So I ended up having to walk home. At work we have begun another monthly step challenge. We are on teams of four recording our steps via pedometer for health and fun. A typical day (with dog walk) is about 7000 steps. I reset the pedometer at 4PM on Friday. It now read close to 30k steps… so I was a walking machine this weekend.

Wednesday is my sister’s graduation. She put in a tough slog at college which, so far, seems to be working out well for her. She has had multiple job offers and is doing something she enjoys. A big congratulations to her.

Sunday was Father’s day. Curiously I woke up Sunday morning with words to a poem in my head. This happens very rarely. This is what the brain was thinking. It was pretty emotional to write.


In ways immeasurable,
Others unequivocal.
Throughout the years,
You stood as a paragon,
A luminescent beacon,
A silent evince,
Of Father.
So today I stumble,
To find the words,
That express,
My thanks to you.
In ways immeasurable,
Others unequivocal.
Of who I’ve become.
Because of you.
My Father.

-dag June 15/MMXIV

My parents are coming up Tuesday night. We will be treating them to a steak dinner.

Unless you live under a rock at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean you know the World Cup has begun. Wow… I’m really enjoying it. I can watch any game and find a compelling reason to enjoy the match. No offensive to TFC, but watching teams at this level control the ball and develop plays is at another level. Impressive. Germany v. Portugal today should be incredible.

We spent a lot of time outside Sunday in the backyard. I pulled weeds, weeds and more weeds and bdot finished planting vegetables and a few more flowers. We cleared a small section of the Tree garden, enough of an area to justify putting mulch down. So at least we have one area of the backyard that doesn’t look ghetto. 80% more to go. Sigh.

Played a bit of the Destiny Alpha on PS4. It looks pretty fun. Not worth $60-70 bucks though.

In our downtime during the weekend we have been getting lost in Lost. We are close to the end of season one. It is pretty engaging. I’m not surprised it was so successful.

I really like having a random, different daily background. At work Gmail is up most of the time so I’ve been looking for a way to randomize my background. It is actually pretty easy to do:
Go to your Settings > Themes > Custom Dark (or Light I guess) > Select a background image will appear, click it > Select Paste a URL > Add the following URL. That’s it.

I’ve only been using this link for a few days and I’m not the author of it, so… I have no idea what might show up. So far so good however. 🙂

My winning pool team. Ironically the 1st pick overall (Krejčí) sucked. *smirk*

Thank you Kings.

Thank you Kings.