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April 15, 2012 @ 11:04 pm 🔗 Post Link

hiking, PC gaming, Diablo 3, Humber Valley Heritage Trial, Legends of Grimrock

Rolling fields during hike on HVHT

Rolling fields during hike on HVHT

The NHL playoffs are underway. Since the Sabres are golfing I’m backing some strange teams, yes, the Flyers and Sens. It is a very competitive playoffs, two of the eighth seeds are up two games against the first seeds. It seems very true that you just need to make the playoffs, position means nothing.

Bdot is away for the night bridesmaid dress shopping for the wedding in Peterboro with her bridesmaid Bonnie. I think they found something…Details to follow.

Today was pretty busy. It started with a badly needed haircut. Then I took the dog for a hike on the HVHT. Got groceries and picked up Halibut and chips for dinner. I’ve been craving it all week. Yum.

Wow… In my inbox Thursday morning was an invite to the Diablo III Beta. Needless to say I’ve already completed the Beta as it was pretty short. My impressions… As I expected D3 is very refined… it reminded me more of the original Diablo than Diablo 2. Bliz has added runes, and armouries, passive abilities… there appears to be lots to do. The game looks great, the spells, the monsters, the gloomy atmosphere. It looks like another potential hit. There is some lag and stuttering during some scenes which resulted in my character dying. Hopefully the final version will clean up these issues.

I have mixed feelings about Legends of Grimrock. I love the dungeon crawl and most of the gameplay… but I can see getting stuck a lot as the ‘puzzles’ are often unclear and confusing. I don’t like spinning my wheels in games. I’m a little disappointed so far with it.

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