Final Week

April 10, 2019 @ 06:04 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

Coding and Dev, Humber College

Humber Grad Show.

Humber Grad Show

Good in theory, poor in practice. Coding. Coding. Coding. That is basically been my past weekโ€ฆ I\โ€™ve made two nice apps! One similar to the Chrome Extension Momentum The second (which is still in progress) is the massive final coding project. First off, it is coded in Model-View-Controller (which was new to me), it is Database driven (with PDO), responsive (with Bulma) and has all sorts of functionality, forms and reports. It was quite an endeavour. But I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Last week was the Humber Grad Show. It was touted by Humber as something great. It was not. While I thought it was cool to see the incredible work from the graphics students โ€“ the point was to see employers, and there simply wasnโ€™t any. It did, however, get me in gear to work on my portfolio site, which I will use as a final project for school.

Last weekend we hosted dinner for my Mom, Sister and BiL. The ladies came early and attended a painting session. They all created impressive works. Dinner was burgers, the first BBQ of Spring. It was a fun day with the dogs destroying toys and relaxing in the Great room.

Not surprisingly, the Sabres canned coach Housley. I thought it was inevitable after such a failed season. I imagine Botts is on the clock now as wellโ€ฆ The draft was disappointing. The Sabres dropped in order from 5th to 7thโ€ฆ the ramifications of which won\โ€™t be known until the actual draft. I expect Botts to can half the roster over the summer. He sure better. Meh.

The NHL playoffs start tonight. I hope the Bruins crush the Leafs.

We finished Bodyguard last week. It was good but not great. A few interesting twists, but also some painfully predictable ones as well.