No End in sight

March 1, 2022 @ 07:03 pm 🔗 Post Link


Sunflowers – A symbol of hope

Sunflowers – A symbol of hope

The situation in Ukraine is certainly becoming more dire. With a massive convoy of tanks and troops baring down on the nation’s capital and the tyrant becoming increasingly hostile, resorting to more extreme tactics… the outcome, sadly, looks very bleak. The tyrant is also increasing his caustic rhetoric against ‘the West’. None of his arguments make sense and it seems increasingly like an irrational unpredictable cornered animal. It is remarkable the range of sanctions and anti-Russian take the World has mounted. Seemingly every aspect of life is being restricted due to the tyrants’ actions. This is a bit of a double edged sword. While I agree and hope that hitting the pocket book will hasten peace, I really don’t think the tyrant cares. The real impact is on the Russian people, many of which have protested (with great risk to themselves) against their leaders’ atrocious actions. I do wonder how much of this is just the tyrant and his cronies yes manning along in fear or would another leader in Russia make any difference?

It is certainly getting scary. The tyrant has even mentioned (and has been testing) the nuclear option. And, sadly, I think he is just crazy enough, if he gets to the point with nothing to lose… he could consider it seriously.

In spite, of Ukraine’s brave leadership… I fear for their safety. Ukraine has asked to join the European Union. Which, if accepted, is probably going to incite the tyrant to a dreadful end. The sunflower story was pretty incredible.