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True Blue

Well, P*TIN'S WAR is still raging on in Ukraine. As it appears that there will be no victor anytime soon, it seems P*tin is getting increasingly more violent and reprehensible. I mean it would be one thing to wage a war against military targets, but I'm sure nurseries, churches, apartment buildings etc. etc. do not qualify. He seem hell bent to murder indiscriminately over and over again. Also as if daring the World to take action. It remain an ugly scene. Fortunately, the Ukrainians are continuing to hold out. Other players are now threatening to get involved, so the potential for the war to escalate is far from over and if anything is only intensifying. It remains a tense and scary situation. I'm hoping the Russian government overthrows P*tin and tries to salvage their nation before he isolates them into such a dark and distance corner that they will never recover from it. I do believe a significant number of Russians are aghast at the WAR. Many more might be if they were told the truth.

I do enjoy animation. We just watched Encanto and for the first few minutes I was mesmerized by the amazing quality of the animation. You could pick out blades of glass, the background was fully animated and such remarkable detail, in pretty much everything. It was a good movie, not great. I did enjoy it but I don't think it was Disney's best story. I do wish there wasn't singing in their animated films. It just seems like pap and fodder to sell crap. ⭐⭐⭐½

King of the Castle!

King of the Castle!

Finished two series this weekend. I've been burning through the awesome medieval, viking, england coming of age, drama The Last Kingdom. I love historical action dramas and this didn't disappoint. The acting was spot on, the sets very believable and it was quite the adventure. You will be missed Uhtred son of Uhtred. The second was the crime drama Bosch. (I'm unsure if there will be another season, it sure seemed to be over...?). We do watch A LOT of crime drama and this was one of best. Once you get into the character of Bosch the series is quite enjoyable. It had a few lulls but still, the overall quality episode to episode was very high. Ah the Jekyll and Hyde Sabres. Getting beat down by a half dozen goals one night then shutting out one of the best teams in the league in their barn the next. At least they are fun to watch some nights. Hoping Adams continues to trade off some of the crap and really take a run at .500 next season.

I went to Utopia today with bdot and snoog to watch the dog in a scent detection trial-like event. This one was just for fun. I wouldn't be allowed in an official one. It was pretty neat to see her working but it was pretty apparent that Daddy was a bad distraction. *snort*