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Sabres Season of Suck

February 16, 2012 @ 09:02 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Tonight’s dinner. Stuffed peppers are so happy. 🙂

Tonight’s dinner. Stuffed peppers are so happy. 🙂

Well… as it is looking like the Sabres third loss in a row…. I’d say it is time to stick a fork in ’em because their season is done. The Sabres look like they will be lucky to avoid ending up in last place in the Eastern Conference. Sure injuries played a roll in the failure of this season… but even with a full roster, they drop two crucial games at home. (Crucial if there was to be any hope at post-season play this season) Many players had the worst season of their careers. I’m hoping the following players are NOT on the roster next season:
-First and foremost, Derek Roy. Dipsy-doodle Derek. Well I think Roy got wind that the Sabres were trying to get rid of him because he’s played with no heart and been an absolute albatross for team with stupid penalties and lackluster play resulting in goals against. Pathetic. Some professional. YOU SUCK ROY!
-Boyes : He has been invisible 90% of the season, what a waste
-Stafford : Apparently he is having some ‘family’ issues this season. While I empathize to some degree, his degree of underachievement can’t be ignored
-Hecht : Concussions, injuries… I just don’t see any reason to keep him around occupying a roster spot someone else could take advantage of
So far Darcy has done nothing… Sabres management better stop talking about the goal is to win the Stanley Cup when this bunch of misfit toys couldn’t even get a playoff berth. It is time to get rid of the gutless core of this team, anything less will bring another season of the same in my humble opinion. I’d be more inclined to get rid of Darcy before Lindy… but wouldn’t be too disappointed to see both positions cycled with some new faces. I almost typed feces… Sigh…

I picked up Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning after Purolator finally delivered it. I haven’t played it much so far, but I’ve enjoyed what I have. The world looks really big too.

I blame KK for my American Horror Story addiction.