Faster than a Speeding Vizsla

September 26, 2022 @ 07:09 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Better than Olympic speed. No, really...

Better than Olympic speed. No, really...

Faster than Usain Bolt. No really… she was! 7.95s 100m. Jez!

Bdot went up North to visit her Mom. I’m home with the crazy cats. I guess I’m the crazy cat Dad now. *shrug*

It was a pretty quiet weekend. Mostly just housework which I won’t bore you with. I did watch a few movies. The first was Area 414. It was a Rotten Tomatoes splat, but I didn’t think it was that bad. The film was clearly influenced by Blade Runner and it had that slick look. The acting was solid but the script was pretty woeful. It really offered nothing original and it didn’t hold my interest that much. More of a lost, squandered opportunity IMHO. ⭐⭐

By contrast, the next film I watched, Nope was quite good. It was curious space invader take. The acting was great, the script was interesting and inventive and it was really well put together. Sadly my copy was a bit dark in places. *shrug* Still, I really enjoyed it. ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Oh, how could I forget (I did forget) that we finished the Devil in Ohio series by Netflix. Yeah, we are really scraping the bottom of the barrel to find something to watch in between Dragons and Rings. It was a drama based on a Satanic cult in Ohio. It devolves into a soulless teen drama, weakly linked (dragged out) into eight episodes. It’s bad and has the most unsatisfying ending of a series I watched in years. Just avoid it. ⭐½

Looks like the east coast of Canada got hit pretty bad with severe storms. Hopefully, they can rebuild.

P*tin seems to be losing support. But again, a cornered madman is really disturbing.

Damn cats are attacking my hanging plants and fake tree.

Came across this great Robin Williams quote: > Politicians should wear sponsor jackets like NASCAR drivers, then we would know who owns them.