I’m Spartacus!March 10, 2011 @ 10:03 pm 🔗 Post LinkPC gaming, zappy, Dragon Age II, Spartacus : Blood and Sand Hello! You weren’t reading were you?

Hello! You weren’t reading were you?

I’ve started watching the Spartacus Blood and Sand series. It is super violent, gory, tons of sex and nudity and has a well produced slick look to it (maybe to the point of being over the top at times…). I’ve finished two espisodes and I’m enjoying it so far. It is the most anti-B. series I’ve seen so far. (She doesn’t like blood, gore and knives… heh). Hopefully it can maintain a reasonable story. I was hoping for more of a historical/realistic series but that appears like it ain’t gunna happen. Oh wells. Still better then most the standard shows on TV IMHO. There have been a few changes to unsung recently. I’m not sure what I mentioned… so… The background has changed from a Winter theme to a hopefully creepy Spring flower. I’ve altered the main site UI to use a JQuery script – so it is fun and zippy. I’m also going to test a new twitter script that also used JQuery… Also have an idea for a redesign… I’m not sure when I’ll get to it… but the concept it usually half the battle. *smirk*

So far enjoying Dragon Age II. It is visually the best game I’ve seen on my PC. It does feel a little like Call of Duty as an RPG however. It feels VERY linear and I have little interaction with the world around me… Hopefully the story and characters keep the enjoyment level high.

Big game for the Sabres tonight. First game for CHARA SMASH! after the ‘big hit’ incident. Hopefully he is off his game.

B. is surviving her hell work week…