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Buffalo Sabres, Ukraine, Winter, 1883, Buck and Bonnie

Lovely snow

Lovely snow

Home at night... looks pretty peaceful after a snowfall. It was backbreaking to shovel though.

We started watching 1883. Phew! It is pretty intense. It really illustrates how lawless early U.S.A. was. Life sure had little value. It is amazing how many big actors make cameos too. It is too early to evaluate, but it sure seems promising. The cast and writing are exceptional.

Wow. The lowly Sabres are sure trying to crawl out from under a decades-long playoff drought. They are on, what was expected to be, a really tough road trip. But, Jez, they have won all three games with one left tomorrow. This is farther into a season in ages they have even be close to a playoff spot, let alone within a few points of it. They have really had a few periods of brilliance. Could the brutal streak end this year? Maybe?

It is heartwarming to see the world unite to support Ukraine with more military hardware. The terrorist state must be pushed out of Ukraine. With the support of the civilized World, hopefully, this will happen. F*ck P*t*n! It is a shame to see him order more and more R*ssians to the slaughter on the front lines. What a broken little man.


I guess it is rare I watch a Norwegian film. But I do enjoy a well crafted war drama, and that is exactly what Narvik was. I guess I wasn't aware of Norway's neutrality at the start of WWII. They were basically profiteering from both sides with their iron industry. Obviously, that crucial resource would become a target in the war, and it did. It led to the largest battle ever fought on Norwegian land. There was a lot of history there I didn't know - so I found the story quite compelling, The acting and story of the young couple were also very well done. ⭐⭐⭐⭐

We intended on meeting up with Bonnie and Buck at one of their son's hockey games since they were relatively close by. But somehow those plans fell apart but we did meet up with Buck at the, insane on a Saturday Vaughan Mills. We had a very underwhelming lunch at the Pickel Barrel then did a little shopping. It was a short visit, but it is always good to see Buck.

Sabres are now 1 point out of a playoff spot! eeeeeeeeeeeee!