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Zero chance of having HTTPS

Zero chance of having HTTPS

What a chore it is to get an SSL/HTTPS certificate to work. Following step-by-step instructions still led to hours of errors/googling. Admittedly, I don’t fully understand the process and expectations so it is difficult to know what to do with some errors. After a while, I figured there has to be an easier way. People get certs daily and google (etc.) is really pushing HTTPS. So I googled it and found some sites that do it. I settled on ZeroSSL and it was a free and fairly painless process. You only get 3 months at a time free so, you’ll have to keep an eye on the expiry date. But behold! It worked...

A few notes...The cert ONLY works for the specific domain mentioned in the cert… so, if you have and try to access it locally at (or whatever) it won’t work. Use the error.logs – a lot of issues were incorrect paths and bad spelling. Remember to restart apache2 after each change. You also may need to clear the site cache.

What a game between Czechia and Sweden. The Czechs tied a one goal game late and won in OT. Crazy!

Canada v. US is on now. Go Canada!

Not sure how long it has been, but, I’m loving Linux Mint so far. I think Civ VI actually runs better! No issues. I have found a way to do everything I need to do.

Poor San Paulo

Poor San Paulo

Our Wednesday gaming session ended with a um, Big Bang. Civ VI still proves to be fun years and years after its release.

Canada beat the U.S. 6-2 and will play Czechia tomorrow for gold!

It is sounding like P*tin is doubling down on stupid and plans to see thousands more troops from the North to attack Ukraine. *SMH* Hopefully R*ssian soldiers will come to their senses and save their lives...The mad man does not care about Russian or you. Sigh. There is no glory here, only death.