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Zero chance of having HTTPS

Zero chance of having HTTPS

What a chore it is to get an SSL/HTTPS certificate to work. Following step-by-step instructions still led to hours of errors/googling. Admittedly, I donโ€™t fully understand the process and expectations so it is difficult to know what to do with some errors. After a while, I figured there has to be an easier way. People get certs daily and google (etc.) is really pushing HTTPS. So I googled it and found some sites that do it. I settled on ZeroSSL and it was a free and fairly painless process. You only get 3 months at a time free so, youโ€™ll have to keep an eye on the expiry date. But behold! It worked...

A few notes...The cert ONLY works for the specific domain mentioned in the certโ€ฆ so, if you have and try to access it locally at (or whatever) it wonโ€™t work. Use the error.logs โ€“ a lot of issues were incorrect paths and bad spelling. Remember to restart apache2 after each change. You also may need to clear the site cache.

What a game between Czechia and Sweden. The Czechs tied a one goal game late and won in OT. Crazy!

Canada v. US is on now. Go Canada!

Not sure how long it has been, but, Iโ€™m loving Linux Mint so far. I think Civ VI actually runs better! No issues. I have found a way to do everything I need to do.

Poor San Paulo

Poor San Paulo

Our Wednesday gaming session ended with a um, Big Bang. Civ VI still proves to be fun years and years after its release.

Canada beat the U.S. 6-2 and will play Czechia tomorrow for gold!

It is sounding like P*tin is doubling down on stupid and plans to see thousands more troops from the North to attack Ukraine. *SMH* Hopefully R*ssian soldiers will come to their senses and save their lives...The mad man does not care about Russian or you. Sigh. There is no glory here, only death.