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Snow, Santa and Paprikash

November 25, 2013 @ 10:11 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Behold! Lord Santa!

Behold! Lord Santa!

The house was occupied by Bonnie and Buck and family for most the weekend. Saturday was a busy day shopping. Shopping makes you hungry so we stopped for lunch at The Goulash House. It was clean and new inside, service was good and the food was pretty amazing. It is pricey however, it was somewhat disappointing there wasn’t a lunch menu at 2PM on a Saturday…?! So we had to pay dinner prices. The food was good enough that we would return however. There were several things on the menu I’d like to try. My Chicken Paprikash was delicious. What a sauce! After lunch, we eventually ended up at Upper Canada mall in Newmarket. It was busy! As you can see from the photo above Santa was there. Yes, Santa did wave to me, even though Bdot says I’m on the naughty list. The was a tiring day of running around the mall. Malls just suck the soul right out of you. So we were less that happy to be greeting by the season’s first blizzard when we were leaving the mall.

Greeted by a blizzard leaving Upper Canada Mall

Greeted by a blizzard leaving Upper Canada Mall

I don’t think the photo does it justice. The first big snowfall always catches people unprepared. The drive home was very long, lots of four-way flashers and slooooooow moving cars. Strangely by Nobleton you could hardly tell it snowed at all. The evening was hockey, pizza and exhausted people collapsing. Collectively we polished off two packs of bacon for breakfast. It was a nice visit from B&B.

Sunday Bdot dragged me Glen Echo for Christmas decorations. It was cold outside as we picked out greenery for our traditional festive urns. The spirit is strong in Bdot who single handedly kept two factories open in Guangdong Province. My office is also smacked with the Christmas spirit as she tracked down the last colourful, frantic, snowflake LED lights at a local Christmas sale. Ho ho ho! We took the dog for a longer walk on the HVHT to pick up the car which was getting its front brakes done. You can always tell when a Vizsla hasn’t been walked for a few days. She was nuts. In the evening we pondered (read: obsessed) over some new dish options from Macey’s. Macey’s had a really good offer to ship to Canada so we pondered getting some Fiesta plates. Sometimes however there are too many options, too many colours… it is hard to buy crazy colourful cookware without seeing it first. Especially mixing colours together… So that idea got nixxed. We may try some cheaper coloured plates from IKEA instead.

Well Nolan’s Sabres continue to lose just Rolston’s did like before. I do feel like they are in more games however. They just lack the finish and scoring. I really thought they deserved at least a point from yesterday’s game vs. the Wings. Ho-hum. Another game behind one goal late in the period and the other team scores an empty netter. Ho-hum.

The PS4 sat idle the entire weekend. *frown* Birthday and early work event tomorrow. Yippie.

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