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December 8, 2022 @ 07:12 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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They are West Coast band! (with fans across Canada!)

They are West Coast band! (with fans across Canada!)

Photo of our Master Champion Scent Detecting dog. She and my wife had a great weekend and had several great runs culminating in the new title. Great job!

I have a running gaming night on Wednesdays with a friend out in B.C.. Weโ€™ve been playing Civ VI. It is curious how AI works in the game. We are playing pretty low levels but I found level 3 harder than 4 for some reason. It is possible it is just the leaders we randomly got but they appear to be very passive. *shrug* World domination is pretty fun if his computer system is willingโ€ฆ

I guess R*ss** was keeping the NWA star Griner around as trade material. Regardless, glad she has been returned home. A decade for trace possession is ridiculous. It was clearly just used as political leverage.

Excellent video on R*ss**โ€™s dramatic fall in global status

Glad to see Ukraine directly attacking the terrorist state of R*ss** with drones. Unlike R*ss**, Ukraine is actually just attacking military targets. Not murdering innocent non-combatants and destroying non-military infrastructure to make the Ukrainian people suffer during winter. P*tin is some serious next-level sadistic.

Seeing one of Canadaโ€™s finest bands, 54.40 tonight. Should be fun.