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No End in sight

March 9, 2022 @ 05:03 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Goodbye masks!

Goodbye masks!

P*tin’s WAR continues to rage on. (It is a war – even if your government says it is not) The West continues to pile on restrictions and doing everything *but* sending troops or establishing a *no fly zone*. While I deeply empathize with the Ukrainian desire for it, it just a slippery slope that I don’t think NATO can pursue. It would absolutely lead to a much greater conflict that could lead to *massive* losses. It is war, there are no good options other than peace. I don’t think P*tin is interested in peace at all. His ego is too invested in his delusional goals. The problem is I don’t see an end or out for the war anytime soon if P*tin is still in charge. He would rather relegate Russia and the poor Russian people to obscurity instead of compromising in any way – and his demands remain completely unreasonable. So… sadly the war will likely drag on one way another. A dark horse could be China getting involved to broker peace, but again, I think it is a long shot. China as a World leader for good seems like a massive longshot unless it benefits the self-centered CCP. The news has well documented P*tin’s indiscriminantly use of bomb on civilian targets over the past few days. I hope, in some way, he is held accountable for all the misery he has brought to the World. It seems he is taken a run at humanity’s most hated person.

The US has shut off Russian oil. I hear a lot of gloom for global gas prices. Sure, Biden says gas retailers should not use this as an opportunity to price gouge. But they will. I’m sure prices will reach disturbing high levels. I wonder how long the appetite for that by the public will last?

Covid. Remember that? The provincial and federal mandates are finally going to end in a few weeks. Masks will become optional. Phew.

I have decided against going to Mexico for a friends daughters wedding. Bdot is still on the fence. At this time I just can’t envision going to Mexico (or really anywhere outside of Canada….)

The Federal Cons are holding a leader convention. There are really unsavory options. I am hoping for Charest – he at least seems like a reasonable, non-marginal right winger.

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