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June 9, 2014 @ 10:06 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Sink this ball last…

Sink this ball last…

It was a rather disjointed weekend for sure. We had a lot of ideas, visit friends, bike ride, movies, dinner… but how the weekend ultimately unfolded, they didn’t happen. We ended up staying in most of the weekend as it was raining when we wanted to be outside. Bah. I’m not biking in the rain. F that. So we ended playing around with Netflix a bit. It continues to impress. There are a lot of older TV series on there we haven’t watched. Netflix makes it pretty easy (too easy) to binge watch series. We started watching Lost. The show has some impressive production value. The weird camera work, that awesome freaky/creepy music… I think we are pretty hooked at about four episodes into Season one. It looks like there are over 100 episodes and six season. Phew.

Saturday we drove over to Vaughan to check out a big furniture ‘going out of business sale’. I’ve been eyeing an over-sized chair for the MANCAVE for awhile now. The chair was there – but sadly it wasn’t discounted enough for us to go for it. Bdot did some clothes shopping and did quite well, finding a bunch of stuff she liked. Evening was pretty quiet. There are a lot of War films on Netflix. I checked out We were Soldiers. It was pretty solid. The film is based on the Vietnam War’s battle of Ia Dran. The first battle for the Americans in Vietnam. Sure looked like a nasty piece of business and an incredible story. ⭐⭐⭐½ We did do a DQ Blizzard run. Oreo/Skor (Score!) for me, soooo good. Bdot got Reese Peanut Cups which she regretted wishing she had picked KitKat instead. Can you really go wrong with a Blizzard?

On Sunday I helped KK move a pool table into his basement. His BiL has decided to move to California (!) so he is taking a bunch of furniture. It is a small pool table. But it looks like it will get a lot of use as his kids have already taken an interest in it. Now if they can only learn how to hold the pool cue properly… Fun afternoon. Also got in a game of table hockey. I was paired with KK’s daughter… we fell behind early and battled to force ‘next goal wins’. Sadly we ended up on the wrong side of victory… but was fun. It is always curious to see how kids approach gameplay. *smirk*

Still working through NWN2 (PC). Reached act III. I had thought I finished NWN2 but seeing the content in this act – it is clear that I have not. Lots of gameplay. Now I’m pretty happy I picked a Wizard.

Wooo! Tied for first in the hockey pool after a huge leap in the standings after game two.

Huh. New Canadian anti-spam laws go into effect July 1st. Some highlights… prohibits commercial messages sent without consent, anti-virus, anti-phishing. Some impressive penalties: ‘If you commit a violation under any of sections 6 to 9 of CASL, then you may be required to pay an administrative monetary penalty (AMP). The maximum amount of an AMP, per violation, for an individual is $1 million, and for a business, it is $10 million. CASL sets out a list of factors considered in the determination the amount of the AMP.’