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January 1, 2024 @ 11:01 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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U.S. takes Gold

U.S. takes Gold

It is often said you lose Gold and win Bronze in the World Juniors. It certainly felt like that this year in Sweden. The Bronze medal game had the Finns and Czechs. The Finns seemed in control until late in third. The Czechs scored to tie then the flood gates opened. The Czechs tied the game with under 2m left, then went AHEAD less than 20 seconds later...then an empty net goal. So within the span of 2m the score went from 5-4 Finns to 7-5 Czech. This is often the case in these junior games. Games unravel quickly to young players who lack composure and are jacked on emotion. The Czechs were elated, the Finns deflated. What a game.

The Gold medal game had U.S. vs. the Sweds. In a very rare situation I was actually cheering for the U.S.. It was also a tight game until the third. Like the Bronze medal game, once the Sweds were down they didn't get back up. The typically stern Sweds showed a uncharacteristic lack of discipline at the end of the game. At this point it was clearly a loss but, for some unknown reason the Swedish coach decided to goon it up. (As much as you can at this level anyway) A few Swedish players started scrumming and tossing punches. It was the smaller American who already had a cut from a highstick earlier in the game who was targeted. It was silly. Sure the Americans were carrying on and goofing but had they not earned that right? Boys being dicks is pretty commonplace. I don't think it reached the level of being disrespectful.

The next Juniors is in Canada. Hopefully Canada will have a better showing in front of the home crowd. In spite of all the adversity in Gold medal game... I have to say the Swedish crowd remained loud and positive. That was impressive.

Habs Score

Habs Score (Yes I love my pixelboard!)

The Sabres are off to a surprisingly good 2024. In a rare event, the Sabres got some bounces and a nice road win in Montreal. Tonight they will see if *gasp* they can actually win two games in a row. Something that seems impossible for this bottom dwelling team. Sigh.

I messed up a few Steam Sale purchases. Games were in the cart and I thought I had a few hours to checkout but no... A game went from $6 to over $50. I bought Assassin's Creed Valhalla but it wouldn't run. *Always refund ASAP and with under 2h played kids!* So that was pretty disappointing. I do have credit however so I'll just wait for something to come along. I'm back to playing some older games that I did't finish like Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Red Dead 2. I also found a curious linux compatible MMORPG called Albion Online which is pretty simple but fun. I haven't sunk much time into it but it seems intriguing and I like the art style. I was looking to replace WoW Classic which I've given up trying to get running.

It is another Bdot trial weekend. Yippie. ๐Ÿ˜•

This is a song for Carol...

This is a song for Carol...

Took a chance on a random Netflix recommendation for the odd animated Carol & The End of the World. It is certainly adult animation. I'm not even sure why I like it. The animation is ok but rather bland, maybe even crude. The lead character is a middle aged woman with nothing going on and the World is ending. And yet, it is incredible intriguing in its delivery and honesty. I often don't make it through the first episode of new animated series but, *gasp* onto episode three,...Holy shit indeed.

6K impressive tonight...

6K impressive tonight...

Sabres 2-0 to start 2024. Yes. Very small steps but beating Pittsburg at home is something...