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September 9, 2022 @ 07:09 pm 🔗 Post Link

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I’ve been running Manjaro with Plasma for quite a while (a long time for a big distro hopper) and I quite like it. Doing some reading and Manjaro was catching a lot of shade for being ‘bloated’ and many Arch users were recommended EndeavourOS (EOS) instead. It is suppose to be lighter version of Arch. I had a bad experience trying to install Endeavour on an older Dell Laptop I had so I dismissed trying it again for some time. I was running Manjaro on a newer Zenbook so I figured I would probably have more success trying EOS on it. So, what the heck… I downloaded it and installed it on my Zenbook UX430U. So far so good. I once again went with Plasma. I did have a GRUB issue but I think that was my fault for not picking the boot flag during the partitioning process. I can’t tell any major difference to be honest. Clearly there is a lot less software preinstalled – so those looking to save some space might find it useful. It seems to run well and everything is working as expected so far. So once again, I’m impressed with a Arch release. I’ll keep EOS into the immediate future for sure.

I do miss an app based ‘store’ / ‘package installer’ but so far I’ve been able to fumble around pacman to install the apps I want.

The steamdeck is taking forever to ship. I’m not sure why they bother notifying you if the order is just going to sit in a queue for another week. sigh