Hopped Again – Pop! OS

December 3, 2022 @ 08:12 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Ah yes, another distro hop. I was using Manjaro but I’ve hopped over to POP OS. The goal is really to find a Linux distro I like that I can game on. I’ve installed POP before but if I recall correctly, it was a bad time. I think there were view driver issues and the system became unusable.

So far, this install went quite smoothly. (I mean I’m assuming I didn’t destroy my Windows install on another drive) The only issue is an intermittent screen flicker on my main monitor. It seems to come and go. Oh and there was some grief with Steam allowing me to use an external drive for a library, it kept saying it was read only and then it need execute status. Gah. After some googling I read the defaults for a lot of flatpaks are not good. I don’t really understand the attraction of flatpaks… they are huge and appear to have a lot of misconfigurations in them? Anyway, I uninstalled steam flatfak and just apt-getted it instead. Steam gave me the option to use the drive immediately but was still hampered by read only/execute issues. I don’t even recall what I did to get it working… I must have mount -a’ed a thousand times.

The first game I tried running was Elder Scrolls Online. Yes, and it gave me some grief. Eventually, I sorted it out, there was an addition to the run script and I specified the most recent version of Proton. It runs really nicely actually… the settings on pretty high too. The is one oddity with the ground texture not showing but, it is completely playable. So, we shall see POP!. I don’t really like the simplicity of Gnome. It reminds me of a dummied-down closed interface like you might find on a Mac. I used to KDE plasma level of configuration… Having to open an app to get the temperature, or see system usage seems insane. However, I’m going to give it a shot, it does appear to be running well otherwise. From what I’ve read it is a very popular distro too so I figure it should be kept pretty well up to date.

In nontech news… Ball hockey was last night. There was typical drama with the Yellow team. That game ended in a draw. Our game was a lot different. We got out to an early lead and it never really got close. I had a solid night, mostly on defense breaking up plays. We had some good team play so it felt good to win.

Bdot is away with the dog at some trials today. From what she has said the dog is cleaning up today and may have earned one of her Championships. *gasp!*