Flat White?

September 6, 2021 @ 06:09 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Wow, September already. I should remember because it is the most wonderful time of the year. My allergies ramp up to 10. I cough and cough, the cough eventually settles in the chest then I hack for a while, then thankfully it is gone. I think it happens every year to varying degrees. JOY!

The heat finally broke… temperatures are back to nice in the 20s. But Mother Nature is still pissed… there are hurricanes aplenty.

Justin called an election. So Canadians are back to voting again on the 20th. It is, once again, slim pickings… I haven’t been too impressed with what Justin has done. He gets a C+ at best. But O’Toole? Nope. Greens haven’t even released a platform. Blockheads? Nope. I do like Jagmeet but there is no chance Orange get in power in this WASPy town… I don’t know if they even have a candidate here. Hmmpt. From what I’ve heard it is close between Liberals and Cons. Le sigh…

The Canadian Women were amazing at the Olympics. GOLD in Soccer. Then then Woman’s Hockey team won GOLD in the Worlds… The Men’s Soccer Team is presently 3rd in standings for the World Qualifiers… GO CANADA!

Sadly it looks like Covid numbers are still rising… It is incredible to see news stories of loonies shouting (regardless if you like him or not) at Justin at various campaign stops (it seems mainly anti-vaxxers) Yes, Canada has our own bunch of crazy it seems. Unreal. Go home and get a shot you idiots.

Bdot got a nice work bonus which we promptly put into Coffee. We got an automatic espresso machine. It is pretty awesome. Flat white? Yes, please.

I’m finally Zwifting again… not long distances so far…. but each ride feels better.

We had a nice few days at the cottage a week back. It was pretty awesome but very hot…

I’m recoding my portfolio without a framework… most of the heavy lifting is done, just need to clean up some tags…