Eye see you Zelda

May 18, 2023 @ 10:05 pm πŸ”— Post Link

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Futurama is back! Futurama is back!

My last eye exam was pre-pandemic... My glasses are in really bad shape. My eyes however are good. Very mild distance reduction and mild close correction... The doctor found odd small pool in my left eye. It isn't overtly an issue but she wants to monitor it. It could be nothing and disappear or it could be the initial stages of something TBD... Anyway, I'll be returning in three months for another eye photo. I saw a new doctor. She was great and explained everything (regardless if I retained anything). I had the sticky eye blinding drops. My reaction was pretty dramatic. Of course today was a bright sunny day...

It runs okay on the emulator. I'll have to find the best settings. It sure seems like this is a winner. I've only played for a few minutes. (to see if it will even run...)

We are off to the cottage this weekend. Hopefully it warms up... The wife opened the windows and the house was 58F this morning. Sigh. It is STILL cold. In the mancave it is 18.8C. My hands are actually white. *eyeroll*

Had a fun CIV VI session with PM last night. I found a game we started a while ago that I thought may have been lost... so, starting from later in a Civ game, skipping the opening tedium was nice. He mentioned he had some friends that might play but they said they were too busy with War Thunder. Funny, I haven't played a FPS in ages. Hmmpt.

I read Peel region is disbanding? What?

Zelda looks great! Zelda looks great!


UPDATE! Stepping down Stepping down

It is not surprising if you've read this blog to know that I'm a huge tech enthusiast. Naturally I like to keep up to date by watching some of YouTube's top tech Channels: Linus Tech Tips, Jayz Two Cents, Gamers Nexus, Marques Brownlee and Some Ordinary Gamer. Today Linus posted that he was stepping down as CEO of Linus Media Group. Whoa! He will remain with LMG doing primary what is has been now but freeing himself from the day to day running of the business. Sure will be curious to see how the future evolves from here...