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April 17, 2023 @ 10:04 pm πŸ”— Post Link

APTBT, hockey, Linux, Wordpress, FSCK!

ugh, wordpress ugh, wordpress

Ah yes, Wordpress. The love/ HATE relationship that has grown many gray hairs on my head. I have my blog running on a crappy old raspberry pi. I recently moved my Plex server to another system as well - since my Synology couldn't handle it. I *just* wanted to consolidate the web and Plex on one server. It should be easy. Right? Well fsck. NO NO NO. it wasn't. Between all sorts of fscked up errors, Linux permission issues having to move files all over in sub-optimal manners - wow... it just sucked total ass. Yes, getting an apache2 server serving webpages in itself is fairly straightforward. But wow, add in installing WordPress *THEN* having the nerve to migrate years' worth of posts? FSCK! No! The time spiral suck of doing these things is absolutely immense. Hours and hours and trial and error, googling...etc. etc..

Eventually, I did get Wordpress installed (God Bless you Digital Ocean!) but wow... exporting the data?? HA!

The 'built in' ideal exporter options I tried: Export All (lol! foolish human... this opened another page then died... tried on multiple systems - same result) Export All Posts (Here is a useless empty file!) Export Posts a small range of dates (Here is a useless empty file!) Try another plugin... It exports as a .csv. The standard importer expects an .XML file. (Fail!) Try another plugin that imports and exports its OWN FREAKING DATA (ok, I'll successfully export ALL your posts - Wonderful! But here is a complicated shitstorm of hoops to jump through to import it back in! Do you want to keep the dates you had? Yes. Click here. Checked! *IMPORT* Dates are ALL wrong! Entries are missing. FML! So I've given up - the level of frustration - a seemingly simple and common task - has provided me is incredible... So I'm sticking with slow-ass Pi that works. If (and when) it dies I'm returning to the ghetto, powerless, sad free Wordpress I had before or I'll switch to another CMS at can actually import data without causing mental fatigue. GRRRRR

Bdot is down in Florida for a MS conference. Apparently, it is just seminars and the inside of a hotel. Ho-hum.

The Canadian Women sure made a mess of the Gold medal game... The game was tied late in the third then they took two penalties to essentially give the U.S. the gold medal. UGH. Disappointing.

NHL playoffs start tonight. Looks like there are a few good matches!

Two commands to install? Oh BS! Not in this universe... Two commands to install? Oh BS! Not in this universe...


I thought let's look at Wordpress alternatives. First one, Drupal. Installs in two commands?! Sure! Error. Error. Error. Need this package. Need that configured. And - no sale!