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July 22, 2023 @ 07:07 pm πŸ”— Post Link

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Water dog is ready for the water!

Water dog is ready for the water!

Sooooo.... just watched Everything Everywhere All at Once...*head exploding emoji* well, that was a trip. It was cinematic in every aspect of the word. It was grandiose, it was theatrical, artistic, emotional, creative, entertaining, weird, evocative...and a great story. *all at once*. Survive the first half when you have no idea WTF is going on to be engrossed with the incredible last half payoff. What a film. Not sure what they were on to conceptualise it but... wow. It even has googly eyes! ⭐⭐⭐⭐½

By contrast we also finished the fifth season of Manifest. Thank gawd. What started as a curious sci-fi drama degraded into a LOT of cringe, melodrama and lol for the wrong reasons. It was barely watchable. It just kept the root sci-fi curiosity going enough to trudge thought the heaps of malarkey. A generous ⭐⭐.

We spent most of yesterday in Innisville with bdot's dog posse. The point was to board and kayak in Lake Simcoe, and we did. Bdot forgot HER paddle this time (the last time we forgot mine....) Weird. It was a looong day... It also included cat powder photos (NOT recommended) and some local take our from Harbour House Grill (recommended). Cat tossing not recommended.


HahA! 17 years of brand recognition erased in 1 second. Thanks Elon. The social media platform formerly known as Twitter (smirk) What a dumbass.