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A jubilant Toronto

Today is the parade day for Torontoโ€™s Raptors. While the city is in celebrationโ€ฆ sadly we are notโ€ฆ One of Bdotโ€™s auntโ€™s husbands rather suddenly, without reason had liver failure over the weekend. She spent all last night in the hospital comforting her very distressed aunt. Sadly, the prognosis is not good. This is a shocking, sad and sudden whirlwind of events. It has brought a lot of emotion to the surface and will certainly be a few difficult days ahead.


Shame that some clown brought a gun to Raptors celebration. Always one idiot. It seems no one was seriously hurt.


Sad news, Bdotโ€™s relative passed away last night once life-sustaining devices were removed.