Turkeys and Trails

September 20, 2021 @ 10:09 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Lovely view

Lovely view

Well, it will likely go down as the Election no one wanted. Yet, Justin and the Liberals called an Election mid-pandemic. I guess someone in Liberal HQ thought they could upgrade themselves to a Majority. It is Election Day and no one is projecting a Liberal Majority. In fact, the polls are suggesting pretty much nothing is going to change at all. The Liberals will keep their minority and merely have cost Canadians 600 million dollars. You can say it was an attempt to affirm the path of governance during a difficult time… but that is just a clever spin IMHO… Nothing is of course certain, anything can still happen but it sure seems like a big waste for nothing at this point in time. That said, the options in leaders were pretty awful. I like Jagmeet but massive NDP spending after Liberals pandemic spending would get even this Lefty apprehensive. And he really didn’t have much of a plan beyond ‘tax the ultra-rich…’. So meh.

We just got back from Killaloe. We spent the weekend at Jessica’s place. We were there for a final goodbye to Bdot’s Dad. It was a small, quiet affair… closest friends and family only. There was a short Baptist service with the theme of getting on the side of God or burn in Hell for eternity. Heartwarming. But there were also some comforting words for Bdot’s mother that she hopefully finds some solace in. Post church was a gathering at her Mom’s which had a much more relaxed tone. There was plenty of food and drink and everyone seemed to enjoy the gathering. The time at Jessica’s was quite relaxing. Her dog Parker and our nutbar ran all over and wrestled and causes chaos all over her property. She is watching her daughter’s cats, one of which, Dexter, almost came home with us. The three of us enjoyed an evening sauna and refreshing cold plunge. She has an incredible waterfront property. We also had a nice breakfast at the Ashgrove Inn and did a bit of shopping in The Bay.

It was a lot of driving but we broke it up with a few stops (Ice cream in Bancroft!)