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2 cars 1 garage. I never thought it would happen

I have to be at the hospital tomorrow for *cough* 7AM… So at least the surgery will be done first thing. Hopefully it won’t be canceled. I’m expected to be off the *at least* the rest of the week.

My coworkers were very supportive. I also got my contract today. There were no surprises. It was very basic. I’m hoping to extract a little more outta them. We’ll see. Still. I’m happy it is settled and to be working at an enjoyable job with good people.

My car is making a weird sound… I’ll have to try to get it in ASAP. Maybe Friday…


I’m all fixed…. Zzzzzzz.

So I had surgery today to repair my hernia. It unfortunately coincided with our first winter snow storm of the year. I had to be at the hospital for 7AM as well. ugh… Thanks to B. for being so supportive today, you helped ease my apprehensions and recovery. -hug- Thank you hon. We arrived just after 7 this morning at the Orangeville hospital, the Headwaters Health Care Centre. The day surgery area was clean and modern. The staff, especially the RNs were exceptional. I didn’t know what to expect and was nervous but the nurses were comforting and reassuring and exemplified a very high level of care. The Doctor could certainly learn some bedside manners from the nurses. He said nothing to me post-op, no explanation of what was done and nothing about post-op care… Sure the nurses talked to me but seriously, the Doctor couldn’t take 5m to talk to me?? Bah. I didn’t think ‘doctor’ was a 9 to 5 job.

The operation itself was kinda strange. I was wheeled into the operating room then three or four staff ascended on me like vulchers. One was stabbing my arm with the IV, another was connecting me to a machine, another was asking me questions… It was a little overwhelming. I didn’t care for how the sedation process was done. I wasn’t told to count backwards or anything… they didn’t say I was about to fade out, suddenly I just did and 90m later I awoke in the Recovery room. I don’t know what the standard practice is but it would have been nice to know I was about to go out… *shrug* Anyway I’m stuck at home now for at least three or more days. My tummy is still covered in iodine not sure the purpose of that. It seems debatable. The hernia was apparently larger than expected so the bandage is huge and can’t be removed for 48h. So just R and R for a few days. Hopefully everything continues to be uneventful.