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December 7, 2009 @ 08:12 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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Well โ€™tis the season to get some shopping done. B., myself, my sistah and JP went to Upper Canada Mall on Saturday to get some Christmas shopping done. The parking lot was packed but it wasnโ€™t too insane inside. We started the day with some caffeine at Starbucks. โ€˜Bucks has all the seasonal coffees available. MMmmm. We divided to conquer. The men and women separated into two groups and off we went. We seemed to find what we were looking for pretty quickly then retired to Caseyโ€™s for some Mill Street beer. It was a fun afternoon with my brother in law. I donโ€™t have many opportunities to hang out with him, so it was a good time. We ate a lot of bad food at the bar and it upset my tummy pretty badly in the evening. Sunday we did some more shopping and household stuff in the evening. I, wellโ€ฆ. B. found a nice winter jacket for work at the Bay. It is pretty stylingโ€ฆ today I got some nice shoes for work, dressier shoes. Apparently I hated the same pair a year ago. I must be aging. *shrug*

Looks like the surgery is a go for Wednesday. I think it is *eyeroll* 8AM in the morningโ€ฆ

Interesting list of underrated movies from the 90sโ€ฆ.