Chilling out

September 14, 2011 @ 09:09 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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โ€ฆand drop! Yes there goes the temperature, down, down, downโ€ฆ I think the lovely days in the 20s will be short lived. The evenings are now dropping down to the single digits. Winter, and more importantly, hockey is approaching! Yeah! Hopefully we will get all the plants and flowers we bought in the ground in time. Gash. This week is just clipping along.

Iโ€™ve always enjoyed the Fantasy genre, so when I heard a new TV series based on Camelot was coming to CB I thought Iโ€™d check it out. The first episode aired last night. It seemed very period costume drama to me. Everyone in clean and crisp clothesโ€ฆ Come on. It is the Middle Agesโ€ฆ But that is just nit-picking. I thought it was decent. I will certainly watch the next episode to see where it goes. It is curious to see Canadian dramas getting more risqueยด. There were a few scenes with โ€“ *gosh* nudity. Unfortunately, bdot couldnโ€™t get into it. So it looks like another series Iโ€™ll be watching alone. The production value does seem good, Iโ€™m hoping it is maintained throughout the series. This is a perfect series to tide me over until the next season of Game of Thrones. *grin*

I guess I canโ€™t postpone them foreverโ€ฆ yes I had another dental cleaning last night. Or as I like to call it, my quarterly bloodletting session. (I donโ€™t think the Dentist liked that termโ€ฆ*smirk*) Apparently one of my teeth was damaged when I was highs ticked awhile back in ball hockey. *joy* So Iโ€™ll be in again for more dental work. I think Iโ€™ll actually take their advice and get an electric toothbrush. It is disturbing to bleed like a stuck pig during a dental cleaning. *frown*

The next installment of the Elder Scroll series, Skyrim, is sounding promising!

Already thinking about the weekend. Weโ€™ll be going down to Niagara for a friends birthday and hopefully hit 9 holes with my parents. Weโ€™ll see.