Operating System Checklist

December 4, 2022 @ 10:12 pm 🔗 Post Link

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**Hardware** -I guess first and foremost ALL of my hardware has to work as expected. I mean duh. No issues with monitors, network devices etc.. No crashing, freezing or other BS that interrupts a session. If this is a no go then it is usually wiped for something else. I’m willing to google search and fix issues in Linux but it can reach a point where it is easier to install something else then it is gone.

**Experience** -the OS GUI is configurable to some extent – Yes Gnome (for me) is really scratching the absolute bare minimum for me but I’m going to try and see how long I can last in this minimalist world (I really would prefer KDE plasma) and may try to install it but also curious to test my tolerance
-I do like ‘wigets’ or being able to configure the ‘dock’ with things like weather, CPU monitor, bigger clock – so missing these things with POP

**Software** -Browser: I’m back to using Firefox as my primary browser
-Graphic editor: Photoshop (or GIMP) or even Photopea
-Text Editor: Sublime Text (I think is available for most OS) or VS Code
-Music player: (Strawberry (Linux), Music Bee (Windows)-a Torrent client: (Transmission (Linux) or qTorrent (Windows)
-Gaming: the big pillar, Everything is run through Steam. Once it is 100% functional in Linux, I would probably not run Windows again and it is close; very, very close…
-Randomizing background app: such as Variety (Linux) or John’s Background Switcher (Windows)
-NordVPN: I did get OpenVPN running on POP OS!, the trick is to disable IPV6 or it appears to drop the connection and generally fsck everything Internet related I mup

Poland was eliminated from the World Cup. There were owned pretty thoroughly by France. England also eliminated Senagal pretty easily as well.

Bdot finished our dog’s Master Championship for scent detection today. ESO Champion

ESO Champion

Speaking of champions, strangely, I’ve never hit level 50+ on an ESO character until this week. If I had known it basically opens up three new skill trees maybe I would have made more effort. It is pretty cool the way they have done that. It really does feel like a reward for maxing and the game is continuing as I’m still improving my character. I’m also getting close to finishing the main quest line… I think.

Huh, I saw a 22° Moon Halo last night. It was really bizarre. By the time I went in to get my camera, sadly, it was gone. *eyeroll*