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Down at the dock

Down at the dock

The rest of the week at the cottage was thankfully a lot quieter. The final few days on Jack Lake we spent most of the time on the dock. The weather cooperated and warmed up making the conditions perfect for tubing, canoeing and swimming. Buck and I canoed over a small island which we ended up naming Beer Island. It looked unowned, expect for the angry osprey. I also spent time floating on the lake. Naturally I over did the sun and got a nasty burn. (Note: When I got home I put Calamine lotion on the sunburn which didnโ€™t seem to do anything, and it made quite a mess. Soโ€ฆ I tried a Aloe gelโ€ฆ Iโ€™m not sure which of these products I reacted to but one of them caused an intensely aggregating itch which was way worse than the sunburn. *sigh*) Our last day at the cottage was Sunday. We got up pretty early (early for us anyway) and were packed and ready to go around noon. We briefly met the home owner and his son. They seem like great people.

Monday was a Canadian holiday. Yaye! It is always great to have an extra day at home before returning to the grind. We are closing in on completing the final season of Lost. It continues to be bewildering and confusing. The direction season six takes some of the characters, those who joined the Dark Side, was somewhat disappointing. Our new neighbours have finally moved in, we havenโ€™t met them. It has been hard to determine who the new neighbours actually are with all the coming and going next door.

Bdotโ€™s birthday is at the end of the month. I decided to give her her present early so she can play with it etc.. I got her a Kobo Aura HD. It seems like a pretty cool device. That e-ink is wonderful to read. Iโ€™m inheriting her old Sony reader so perhaps it will encourage me to read a little moreโ€ฆ

Curiously remicat always looks chubbier after a week with the cat sitter. Hmmpt.

Iโ€™m meeting a few old buddies to see Boris, SubRosa and Atlas Moth tonight at Leeโ€™s Palace in Toronto. It should be a fun night.