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August 11, 2014 @ 07:08 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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*insert smoke monster sound here*

*insert smoke monster sound here*

Saturday started off as most weekends do. We had a bunch of errands to do, housework, yardwork etc.. It all got sidelined when remicat had another series of seizures. This time it resulted in paralysis of one side of her body. Her legs became stiff and wouldnโ€™t bend, she drooled uncontrollably and seemed to be in a lot of distress. Our vet was closed, and bdot was out of house so I sat with her and waited. Like the last time, after what seemed like an eternity, she calmed down and regained control of him limbs and was walking normally again. It took about an hour for the symptoms to pass. After sleeping for several hours she returned to normal activity. Still, these episodes are scary to witness. When I first found her it looked like she fell and was unable to get up. Sigh.

While the cat drama was going on I was suppose to be cleaning for company. A woman bdot worked with made some effort to contact her to get together. So her friend Melanie came over for the afternoon. Thankfully by the time she arrived the cat was resting and out of the panicked parent, severe distress state. Melanie brought her dog, a big Lab named Cooper and a bunch of food. They spent the afternoon talking, eating, drinking and bdot showed her how to knit. They seemed to be having a good time. Unfortunately she got called away, she was suppose to stay for dinner. Perhaps another time. It was also the weekend of the neighbour down the roadโ€™s big house party. They get a band and who play all night. It was curious hearing music while soaking in the hot-tub.

I donโ€™t know the details, but in other strange pet newsโ€ฆ somehow my sisterโ€™s dog Boomer (the million dollar dog) managed to impale himself on something while at a dog sitter. The wound looks really nasty and itโ€™s fairly deep. Boomer is undergoing surgery today. Hopefully it goes well. I have no idea how they will keep such an active dog from re-injuring himself. I assume heโ€™ll require sedation. What a mess. Ugh.

So after watching over one hundred episodes and six seasonsโ€ฆ we watched the final episode of Lost last night, โ€˜The Endโ€™. The End indeed. It was an incredible series. What a story. The characters were some of the best and most enjoyable of any TV series Iโ€™ve watched. Ben, Sawyer, Kate, Hugo, Sayid, Johnโ€ฆ so many memorable performances. I canโ€™t say I understand everything completelyโ€ฆ My understanding: The crash did occur, the passengers were on the island to search for meaning and purpose in their lives, whatever that might be. Once they found this purpose they moved on and truly died like Jack did in the final scene in the church. There is a decent explanation of Lost here. * BAD ROBOT! * Soโ€ฆ. whatโ€™s next?

It was a good weekend for soccer. Nice road win by TFC and the Canadian U-20 Girls made an impressive comeback against Finland for a 3-2 win.

Testing new distro linux time kids. Next up elementaryOS. Comment at some point in the future.