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Flat White?

September 5, 2021 @ 06:09 pm 🔗 Post Link

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As I said in the last post… the election projections turned out to be accurate. The 2021 Federal election changed basically nothing. There was a seat change here and there but the balance of power is pretty much exactly the same as it was prior to the election. It was a selfish and dumb call by Justin and he can’t seem to get much right these days… An easy-to-do invite was extended to him to join native Canadians on ‘National Day for Truth and Reconciliation’ day but he decided instead to vacation with his family. Yikes. It is hard to stick up for someone who says one thing and does the opposite. That said, there really wasn’t a better option so… ugh, come on Canada, get better politicians.

Hockey preseason has started. The Sabres will be awful AGAIN. OF COURSE. After a decade of suck, I may devest time in the team… Watch for a period then bail. The hope tank is empty. The arena is empty. And the future is dim… so… it is just anger and frustration at this point so, why bother? I really don’t know what the organization is doing.

Last Sunday we drove down to Cayuga for Gojira’s 3rd run to earn her Field Dog Junior… It was a beautiful, cool but sunny Fall day. Perfect to be outside… which is good since we were there most of the day. On the way down we enjoyed Fortino’s surprisingly amazing pizza and scones. Gojira was pretty late in her run… but passed with an awesome 98. So, the beastie is now titled with Field Dog Junior. We spent most of the day with her co-owner and our friend Alex. It was odd being another Vizsla event – I have a lot of mixed feelings there. We did meet some great people (Marine and Brian) but there were also a lot of people who seemed focused on ruining the experience with politics and pettiness. Such is life I guess…

We are heading up to Killaloe to celebrate Thanksgiving with Bdot’s Mom. My mom was here for a visit last weekend… we talked most of the afternoon and enjoyed dinner before she had to go home for her cats.