Hockey means Pain

October 1, 2018 @ 09:10 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Not you again…

Not you again…

So, bdot coerced me into playing ball hockey again. It is a co-ed rec, non-contact, just-for-fun league. We had our first game last Friday. Unfortunately, the games are pretty late, starting at 8:30pm and 9:30pm. Also, the sticks are those horrible plastic *kids* sticks with no rigidity at all. So, your expected shot is not often your shot… That all said. It is a lot fun. It is a great group of people (so far) men and women with a fairly diverse age group. I’ve played hockey for a long time with a “proper” stick so I made some critical gaffs when I attempted hard, long shots. I may look into getting a stiffer ball hockey stick on Friday. We may even get jerseys! Hopefully, we get a full team out – I desperately need the subs.

Thornton Bales Conservation Area

Thornton Bales Conservation Area

In spite of having legs that felt like cut lumber we ventured to a new conservation area outside of Aurora. We found Thornton Bales Conservation Area to be a hidden gem. It is a lovely park. The trails are quite wide, although fairly poorly marked.

Our friend Buck continues to linger in the hospital. Hopefully he gets the attention he needs soon, apparently, he is having a difficult time.

School continues to trudge along. I had an in-class coding exam last Thursday. I got hung up on one small part of the exam… I pondered it for hours but couldn’t get it. Sigh. I looked at it the next day and figured it out within 15m.

Bdot is away on business in San Diego. It sounds like long days with some rewarding professional contacts.

My sister got another dog, she has named Willow. I guess we will meet her (?) next weekend.

Ha. I’ve played a few games of Fortnite to see what all the fuss is about. It is pretty cool… I was playing a Battle Royale. What wasn’t overly clear to me the first few times I played – was how to determine who was on my side. (Yes – I now get teams and parties.) I’m finding it hard to get decent weapons. I’ve had a sniper rifle once and I’ve never found rockets. Hmmpt. It is a huge difference than older Doom and Quake PvP… I’m getting next to no frags now. *snort*