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another Wintery week

March 27, 2011 @ 09:03 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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EZ Tangaโ€ฆ get away from that edge!

EZ Tangaโ€ฆ get away from that edge!

Last week seemed like one of the longest in recent memory. Midweek was a snow storm and it doubled the time of my drive to and from work. A nasty stressful drive too, the roads and highways were ice and tires werenโ€™t gripping well. (Iโ€™ve never seen rutty frozen ice on the QEW before) Additionally we had our biggest work event Thursday night with over 700 people attending. I didnโ€™t get home until after midnight on Thursday. I still feel pretty bagged today. Iโ€™m hoping this week will be easier.

Yesterday, we finally closed our home energy audit! Canadians should really take advantage of the generous grants the government is offering and get some energy efficient upgrades done. We are looking at a nice cheque from both the feds and provincial governments. (Granted we put out a lot of coin upfront) The audit only took about an hour. In the evening we drove over to B.โ€™s sisterโ€™s to watch the nephews for the evening. Her sister (and family) has also had a long week so we helping give them a night off for a few hours. It was a fairly peaceful evening with little drama. The boys when to bed without trouble and slept soundly after story time. For dinner we enjoyed some yummy fish and chips from Stanleyโ€™s Fish & Chips.

The Sabres had a great weekend earning all four points in two games. Even still, they are being chased by the Leafs and Canes who are behind them by five or more points at the moment. Should be an exciting ending to the hockey season and things are looking good so far for the Sabres to make the post season. The small in stature Gerbe has proven he has a big heart in the past weeks games. He has impressed me with his determination and one and one battles. I do not envy Ruff when Roy returns when he has to decide who stays in and who sitsโ€ฆ Phew.

Sunday is still being sorted outโ€ฆIโ€™ve named the red squirrel that raid our bird feeder Simon. Simon is in the backyard right now.

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