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Tanga-langa! Happy it is warmerโ€ฆ(missing URL 2013/09/tanga09.jpg)

B. was busy most of the weekend with a project for work. We had planned on going to see Watchmen, but it became to late and there was no point rushing to make the movie. Strangely it plays at only twice in Bolton? We ended up having a relaxing night at home instead. Sunday afternoon we tried a new area of hiking on the Oak Ridges Trail. I picked a section fairly close to home. Regrettably it was flat as a pancake and pretty uninteresting. I donโ€™t think the entire trail is like that but the section near Mount Pleasant was. I think it would be better to bike that section than walk it. Soโ€ฆ we went to the old faithful walk in Albion Hills. Tanga ran all over and even flushed a bird then searched for it for another 30m. In the evening we got groceries and B. made a yummy pizza. It must be good there is only one small piece left.

I added a few more photos to flickr. You can check them out at the flickr link at the top of the page. (Link is no longer available)

My Sabres are continuing to struggleโ€ฆ dropping a head slapping embarrassment of a game to the Thrashers in a shootout 4-3 after being ahead AT HOME 3-1 in the third. How can you possibly say this team doesnโ€™t need a shake up?