Whereโ€™s my remote controlโ€ฆ?

March 30, 2009 @ 09:03 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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Oh, there it is.

Oh, there it is.

Saturday we ventured over to B.โ€™s sisterโ€™s to celebrate her brotherโ€™s birthday. It was good times. B.โ€™s brother in law is a bit of a techno geek like myself. He had the house wirelessly setup for music. It was very cool! Basically with a remote that functions very much like an ipod you can listen to Internet radio and play music from any shared network drives. He had three remotes so there was a song battle to add songs to the queue. That seemed to provide hours or entertainment. Not that song! *Delete from queue* You deleted my song! Whyโ€ฆ listen to THIS thenโ€ฆ and so it went. Her cousin Allison and her BF Jay were also over. They ended up coming over to our place after dinner; as did her brother. We were all thinking of heading out to a local pub but everyone was pretty zonked so we had a few more beer and talked. I think Jay and Steve stayed up to watched F-1 racing after I went to bed.

Sunday we did a fair bit of running around after everyone left. We hit Zehrโ€™s, Home Depot, Sportchek then got home to walk the dog. In the evening we watched Rachel Getting Married. I was expecting a girly crapstory but it was far from that. Sure there was a wedding but it wasnโ€™t really the focus of the film. The film was more about people, conflict, relationships, death, loss, addictionโ€ฆ it was pretty heavy. The movie was well acted and full of curious cultural elements that were showcased throughout the wedding. Iโ€™m not really certain which cultures were celebrated here, but they certainly knew how to party! โญโญโญยฝ