Unbearable Heat

July 25, 2022 @ 07:07 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Mmmmmm cake

Mmmmmm cake

I mean after the past week can anyone really still believe climate change isn’t a thing? England setting record temperatures, fires all over Europe, thousands dead… it is pretty scary. Locally it has been very hot but still not as bad as some of the hotter temperatures close to 40C worldwide. I mean, south east U.S. is rationing water and many of the local reservoirs are at record lows. Sure be nice to take this seriously!

I finally had a gaming date with Peter online. We played Civ VI. It was my first time playing Civ VI multiplayer. It runs quite well. Sadly Pete got stuck surrounded by aggressive AI and non-stop barbarians so… the gaming session didn’t last too long. I think we’ll try it again this week, with less challenging settings.

I also played Civ VI locally but it was constantly crashing to desktop midgame – which is awful. I checked all the usual fixes and eventually came across something that suggestion upping its file priority in Windows 10. What I did (which so far has worked) > With the game running, open task manager and find the Civ VI exe (DX12 or whatever) > right click on it and select go to details > right click on it again and select Set priority to Realtime. *shrug* So far, this has worked for me.

Saturday we ventured over to visit our friends in Bethany. It was the ‘local’ celebration for their eldest daughter’s wedding. (The wedding was held previously in Mexico) Yup, it was hot but we still had a lovely afternoon with her friends and family. They have really transformed their backyard into a relaxing place with many structures and areas to chill in. I got conscripted to make fried onions for dinner. For the first time we actually left the dog at home. A local friend let her out midday. With all the cameras now finally working, it gives us some piece of mind when away. Snoog was still pretty happy when we got home however.

I finally got linux running on my ‘main’ computer. It required partitioning a section of an existing drive but it appears to have worked. I initially wanted to try Steam OS but that is all it is, I also wanted a normal desktop as well. Sure Steam OS works fairly well for what it is, but it isn’t a desktop OS replacement at all. The first boot was into a Debian based OS and I couldn’t figure out how to get back to it. Anyway, I wiped it with Manjaro with KDE which is my current go to. It installed flawlessly, it detected a lot of things Steam OS did not. It does seem a bit laggy though. Not sure what that is about… the CPU usage is very low. It sure would be nice to finally, really and truly be able to ditch Windows… We’ll see, this is the closest I’ve been so far…!

In the evenings we blew through Netflix’s Clickbait. I was sceptical at first but after a few episodes it is actually quite compelling. And the ending…wow, didn’t see that coming. ⭐ ⭐ ⭐¾. Last night we started Nine Perfect Strangers on Prime. Another I was unsure of but wow, such amazing characters, I’m still not sure where the plot is going but after four episodes I’m pretty impressed with this series too. Tony is awesome. I mostly enjoyed Netflix . It started off very well with a great story but somewhere along the line it got a but hoaky and by the end was sadly full on hoaky. It is reviewing pretty badly but I think it is still a passable but unremarkable ⭐ ⭐ ⭐.

Big story in Canada is the Pope is here. He said he is ‘deeply sorry’ for the abuse the Catholic church inflicted on Native Canadians. I hope it is a start for them to heal. They deserve everything for how they have been treated by the government and church.

The more details that come out about the Uvalde inaction – the more disgusting it becomes. I mean wow…! Complete systematic failure.


I’ve updated the Manjaro video driver to the proprietary Nvidia driver (there was an option to automatically update! :D) and it seems much better.

The assaults covered up by Hockey Canada are awful. How embarrassing for Canada. Shame on hockey Canada who have tainted a national team that typically brings pride.

What a game for TFC to start the next chapter of the team. Some of the most impressive goals I’ve ever seen. What happened to the General! Whoa.