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Twitter self destructing

November 13, 2022 @ 10:11 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Twitter is dying?

Twitter is dying?

Wow, It has been an expensive comedy of errors watching Elon fumble around with bad decision after bad decision trying to recoup money after his dubious purchase of Twitter. Advertisers have fled and his blue checkmark free for all has made spoof accounts and trolls run rampant on the platform causing chaos everywhere. Apparently, the platform is costing Elmo millions a day. I think the original concept for Twitter is great. A place for info and instant reaction to events. But it *must* be moderated. Elmo’s ridiculous insistence on making Twitter some town hall open free for all is arguably one of the most short-sighted decisions even. It is the Internet. The land of anonymity where cowards and kids hide behind their keyboards to shit disturb because they can. I don’t know what will happen to Twitter but I hope some other service replaces it will proper safeguards so it can be used as a real communication tool for the World. Not whatever Twitter is going to degrade into…

Hockey was back on Friday. I scored a few but it wasn’t enough. Our later periods were poor defensively. *shrug* The postgame pizza fest was full of good conversation with teammates.

Sabres continue to flounder along as they are playing better teams. Ho-hum.

Canada Men’s National Team played a friendly against Bahrain, the second last before the World Cup. It was a really uninspired performance. They were lucky to get out with a tie. Yes, yes… it was their B team but wow, the effort seemed really indifferent and lackadaisical for players trying to make the starting lineup.

Got the Christmas lights up today. Shockingly, the wife agreed to coloured lights! *gasp* I’ll post a photo later.

Coloured lights

Coloured lights

My mom is in Egypt! The scarce reports so far make it seem like she is enjoying her trip.

LOL! The morally vacant GOP lost the Senate! LOL!