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Hasta la vista, baby Hasta la vista, baby

Twitter has been in a death spiral since Space Karen took over. It was a social media platform I did enjoy at one point. It was great for instant takes on politics and sports. It was also good for contacting businesses for support. But it has become a cess pool for negativity, bots and trolling. So, I finally decided to deactivate my account. I've had it since 2008. I haven't really used it for a long time. I'm still on threads and I really don't need two platforms that are essentially the same... Hopefully more sports teams and higher profile accounts move to threads. And more importantly, hopefully they maintain it so it doesn't degrade into whatever the fsck x is. It is nice that you can download an archive of your data. Maybe the one thing they are still doing right.

Heh, my final twitter stats:
*~ ahem ~*
15.9k tweets
566 blocked accounts (haha)

The International Criminal Court (IIC) is seeking arrest warrants for Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders. The U.S. is acting outraged as is Israel. Maybe don't commit genocide? I still don't know what is in this for the U.S. - it makes Biden look like an idiot. Must be getting a lot of Democrat campaign dollars?

Shame both Canadian teams got eliminated from the PWHL finals. Bah. Not interested.

SMH. This is very sad. Hind Rajab. Al Jazeera and The Washington Post refuted Israel's claims, basing their investigations on satellite imagery; additionally, three days prior to the killings Israel had been ordered by the International Court of Justice to refrain from committing any acts that would constitute genocide. AlJazeera because Western media is sugar coating this atrocity.


Nothing happened. I don't think it even rained... but it did look awfully menacing for a while. The storm passed by pretty quickly.

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