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January 26, 2022 @ 07:01 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Nice when it works

Nice when it works

So… bdot looked into upgrading her phone and was convinced to also update our Internet at the same time. Rogers, apparently pairs a modem with a plan. Better modem, more expensive plan. We were under the impression we were getting a NEW high end modem. We were sent a defective, refurbished, six year old, unactivated modem without sufficient instructions. *Every* time we deal with Rogers, it is NEVER smooth sailing. So we have been without proper Internet for a day now and we are both working from home. Rogers did only the most basic of tests on the modem before shipping it out to a customer. I just hope the unit is retired and NOT sent to another poor Rogers sod. Bdot was able to exchange it for another of the same model. This one works as expected. It is the CODA modem.

After many years, I lucked into a phone upgrade. My Brother in Law sent me his ‘old’ phone, which was very new compared to mine. So I’ve upgraded from an iPhone 8 to an iPhone 11. Interestingly, the OS is different. Gone is the ‘bottom hardware button’, replaced with a ‘bottom software bar’…the action is now a swipe up instead of a press. You get used to it pretty quick… The top notch is really bizarre… Seems like poor design to me. It is noticeably snappier in performance too. Heavier and bigger too… Newer is always better.

We are doing well in the Chinese Olympics so far. Not sure what I think about the non-NHL hockey.. I mean, gawd, our captain is Eric Staal. Who played for the Sabres and did nothing, so he is going to lead Canada? Hard to say what is possible with this B-team line-up…The woman are cruising – but have their first real competition tonight vs. their rival USA.

Those miscreants are still in Ottawa holding parliament hostage. I think it is outrageous. Move those clowns out of there. It is NOT a protest. Protesters have a modicum of respect and a unified message. These clowns are disrespectful, self-centered vandals. Where the hell is the leadership from Trudeau? Once again, disappointing.


Canada with a huge win over the US. Who I expect they will meet again in the Gold medal game… which should be another epic battle! Men’s hockey starts today!