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September 7, 2014 @ 08:09 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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My office ATM. Sigh.

My office ATM. Sigh.

My final day with my โ€™employerโ€™ was last Friday. It was a tough day. A lot of difficult emotions as I really liked a few of my coworkers and the job. I think people show their true feelings about their coworkers on their last day. I was pretty disappointed with a few coworkers, they seemed almost indifferent. Other however impressed me with kind words and gestures. Management did the best they could for me. They are in a tough spot after numerous budget cuts from the government. Oh well. Ultimately the drive was horrible. It is a opportunity to fine something closer. The drive was soul sucking. I figure I spent close to 15hrs a week driving. I wonโ€™t miss that at all.

So the job search begins. Iโ€™ve been given some work from the โ€™employerโ€™ to finish a site I was working onโ€ฆ so itโ€™ll mean a few extra dollars.

Catch that incredible light show Friday night? Wow. What a storm. I think it was the most severe rain in a long time. Unfortunately the deluge found its way into our basement. We have thought the basement was moldy smelling for a while. Well now we know whyโ€ฆ Water has been sitting in the walls rotting the wood and insulation for, what looks to be, a long time. It is a nasty stinky mess. Weโ€™ve pulled down a foot of drywall along the front of the house in the basement. There appears to be a lot of damage. So Iโ€™ve lost my office for an undetermined amount of time. It has been a rough few days.

We did manage to get a nice hike in at Mono Cliffs. For entertainment we burned through most of season two of The Killing. Season one was slow at times but season two was pretty captivating throughout. We are curious what direction season three will go as the case is solved.