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March 15, 2023 @ 10:03 pm πŸ”— Post Link

Health, Ball Hockey

Testing... Testing...

Ah, aging. I'm getting to the point where I'm starting to get poked, prodded, and tested for various potential health issues. The men in my family sadly have a history of colon cancer. Good grief. So I've been pro-actively following all my doctor's recommendations and doing every suggested test. The easiest in Ontario to screen for colon cancer is the FIT test. It is immeasurably better than having to do the abhorrent barium drink that empties every orifice of your body. Oh gawd, that was awful. I got back my first FIT test result and it was 'normal'. I guess you never really know what to expect, so I'm relieved to know I'm okay at this time. Phew.

Our semi-final game in ball hockey was, um, interesting. We eventually got a few goal lead and the other team complained about the fairness of the game. It is a co-ed league and our women were unavailable for the game. I'm not going to debate the quality of men v. women in hockey... Each is obviously very capable of playing at a very high skill level. But the rules do stipulate that team must have a balanced gendered team playing at all times. (If there are both genders available, one from each must be playing at all times - if possible) So, the compromise was to play 4 on 3. There wasn't time to debate it much but... in retrospect that is a pretty crazy concession. Needless to say, they started closing the gap in our lead. (so if they tied it up were we going back to 4 on 4??) Fortunately, we were ahead when we ran out of time. So we are in the final game for the glorious Champion T-Shirt. *smirk*

The other game was really tight. Incredibly, both sides had no subs. It was back and forth all game. It was tied at the end of our typical game time. So, we extended the game to a 5m sudden death. Tension! Blue ended up winning, so we meet them in the final. It should be a fun one!