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Synology WordPress UPDATE SUCKS

May 3, 2022 @ 11:05 am 🔗 Post Link

Wordpress, Synology, Better Search and Replace Plugin, RIP, Mike Bossy, Guy Lafleur'

! Update FAIL

Update FAIL

After having to troubleshoot and rebuild my WordPress install for hours… I HIGHLY recommend NEVER updating your Synology WordPress install via the Synology Package Center update. The last update basically bricked my install. Freaking frustrating and wasted an evening. It was the 5.8.3-1050 update. Do they even test these fracking updates?!!

I hope you have a backup of your SQL and Uploads directory.

So after finding my WordPress install was 404 and nothing was accessible or functioned… To fix it, I had to: 1) SSH into Synology 2) cd to /volume/@appstore 3) delete the WordPress directory (otherwise it can’t seem it uninstall it – eyeroll) I think the command is sudo rm -fdr but double check it 4) this should make Synology give you the Repair option in the Synology Package Center > Repair 5) This got WordPress loading, albeit incorrectly. My WordPress path was all screwed up. To fix this… 6) Open myphpadmin and navigate to your wordpress database > wp_options table > check the top two entries siteurl and home – after I fixed these the site mostly loaded correctly. 7) You may also need to go into your WordPress Settings > Permalinks and change it to whatever you were using and re-save it 8) Once I moved my upload backup to \wp-content\uploads

SO… UPDATE WordPress from within WordPress ONLY!

I’ve lost all my customizations and some functionality. It will take some time to restore it all. But thank gawd I have all the content. 😀

Glorious. The “Better Search and Replace” WordPress Plugin successfully updated around 820 broken images. What a godsend!

There are still some Theme issues to fix. (Fonts, layouts, spacing etc…) But tomorrow is another day.

Lost some hockey greats. RIP Guy Lafleur and Mike Bossy.

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