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Ontario Election

May 24, 2022 @ 07:05 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Great options for Ontario *cough*

Great options for Ontario *cough*

Well, I actually had a bunch of points I wrote down during the debate but WordPress draft appears to have lost them. FFS.

Anyway… it was largely what you would expect in a ‘leaders’ debate. Ontario’s PC Leader Doug Ford ignored direct questions and stuck to talking points and tried a bunch of zingers. I found him very fake and disingenuous. He wouldn’t take responsibility for the past four years and didn’t answer any critical question lobbed at him. Pretty much what I expected. He did go on and on about this highway 413. The other leaders made it clear it was a waste of money. He did admit he could do better, not sure Ontario will give him that chance. I thought it was pretty funny when Ford said he has great relationships with Ontario doctors and nurses – coz that isn’t the case with the one’s I’ve spoken to. He got lit up on the environment too.

Horvath was disappointing. She talked over Ford a lot and she was also not very convincing. I just don’t care for her demeanor either.

I liked Schreiner quite a bit. He had great answers. Usually answered on time. Seemed passionate and thoughtful. Sadly he has no chance to win.

That leaves Steven Del Duca. He was less slimy than I was expecting. He tried to hammer on Ford for the past four years but Ford just did ‘politician answers’ for questions he didn’t like. Duca referred to his costed plan a fair bit and seemed to have some good ideas.

No big winner but I think a lot of Ford’s shortcomings were exposed. I guess we’ll find out on June 2.

Regardless, VOTE!

So very happy.

So very happy.


Did 20km Zwift – Tempus Fugit. An Average time. It has been a while since my last ride… really, missing a week seems like forever. Feel pretty good however. Wondering how this will impact Friday’s ball hockey – since I felt like trash last Friday.

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